Breathwork (Breatharian Healing)

Experience the ultimate state of altered Energy and Consciousness,

Breatharian Healing teaches you to use your natural breathing process to connect to Source Energy/Quantum Field, expanding senses and perception to a tangible subtle energy interaction with frequencies of light and consciousness.

The BH frequencies is a new energetic healing model, the Healing Power that Jesus, Buda and only the greatest Masters on Earth where able to attain, is the result of ten years of extraordinary healings and the alchemy of the most powerful breathing techniques on Earth.

Breatharian Healing is a blissful connection to a new and always expanding energy field of Light and Possibilities, in which all depths of healing and transformation, expansion and evolution are instantly received. Breatharian healing is for everyone, for the healing of humanity and our planet!

Breatharian Healing is for Yogis, Light Workers, Energy Healers, Spiritual Seekers, and every Human Being who wants to experience their Highest Healing Potential